Earlier this December more than 16 million Britons are apparently now required to stay home again as part of a new lockdown. Reportedly there is a new strain of the coronavirus that’s been spreading quickly, and this lockdown is the latest in a long chain of attempts to control it. (According to Bloomberg.)

Bloomberg says that U.K. officials have scientific evidence that this new strain seems unique to the country, and is spreading much more quickly than earlier forms of coronavirus the world has been combating for much of 2020.

The timing of this is unfortunate alongside talk of a vaccine starting to be administered. Critics of the vaccine have cited viral mutations as a reason the vaccine may not be effective as some are assuming. After all, they’ve posited, we’ve had a flu vaccine for years and yet people continue to get the flu each year because it mutates.

After spending much of the year in various degrees of quarantine, many people are wondering what is next as far as game plans go. Lockdowns are an obvious go-to solution in the short term, but obviously the answer for 2021 can’t simply be stay at home every day.

This seems to underscore the importance of air purification.

Air purifiers that are proven effective at stopping airborne viruses, such as those using ActivePure Technology, are likely one of the more viable solutions at the moment.

After all, when a contagion of this scale is at stake the simpler option is to find ways to eliminate the virus from the air we breathe in public places rather than be consistently looking for new ways to inoculate ourselves against a seemingly moving target.

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