Yesterday Vollara’s CEO, Joe Urso, was interviewed briefly on CNBC to talk about attempts to gain emergency FDA approval on the entire line of ActivePure air purifiers.

(See the interview here.)

Thus far only the medical device version of the purifiers officially has FDA approval, though the rest of the product line is technically based on the same technology. Given the public’s need right now for solutions that would disinfect the air and help prevent the spread of coronavirus, Urso mentioned hoping that the FDA would expedite their usual timelines to expand where the ActivePure devices could end up.

The air purifier product line is currently available to anyone, homeowner or business owner, through the website. But FDA approval on all the products to acknowledge what’s already been demonstrated in independent lab testing would be a great step forward for everyone.

After all, as Joe Urso points out, technology that can stop these viruses and airborne contaminants in their tracks is a powerful augmentation to other practices we’re already doing. And given some people’s doubts about the long term viability of a coronavirus vaccine since it’s already mutating, devices that can unilaterally kill it all could be a more effective long term solution.

It will take time of course for technology like this to make its way to a massive enough amount of businesses for us all to count on it in a general way. But on a case by case basis, those that acquire one for their homes and places of business can certainly operate with much greater peace of mind.